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Ogle Family Roots

Northumbria, now known as Northumberland, is England’s northern-most county. It’s a land where Anglian invaders fought Celtic natives, Roman legions guarded a walled frontier, and Vikings raided. Norman nobility later built castles to suppress rebellion and defend a contested border with Scotland.   The border region between England and Scotland once stretched from Edinburgh to (more…)

Ogles and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Whalton, Northumberland

St. Mary Magdalene was built around the year 1100 only a few years after the Norman conquest of England, although extensions and modifications have taken place over the centuries since. The Ogles had controlled the area and other places within Northumberland even before the Norman Conquest and they were one of a very few Saxon (more…)

Ogles in the Registers of Berwick-upon-Tweed: Baptisms 1574 – 1700

Margaret (bp. 28 Nov 1575); father: Martin Ogle. Mary (Marie) Ogle (bp. 30 Dec 1588); father: Martin Ogle. William Ogle (bp. 11 Sep 1590); father: Martin (Martyn) Ogle. Nicholas Ogle (bp. 19 Mar 1592); father: Martin (Martine) Ogle. Nicholas Ogle (bp. 01 Dec 1595); father: John Ogle. Lewes Ogle (bp. 03 Apr 1595); father: Lewis (more…)