Table of Contents

President’s Message

I. General Information

II. Articles

  • Tenth National Convention of O/OFA: Galveston, Texas
  • Tales of Northumberland Ogles, their kith and kin
  • Lt. Col., USAF Ret. George Wiley and Mrs. Carolyn Ann (Morgan) Ogles
  • Loyal Unionist Ogles in East Tennessee during the Civil War
  • Ogle [DNA] Project

III. Membership

  • Notes Concerning Ogles
  • Index of Members’ Charts in this Issue
  • Ancestral Charts 2012
  • Twigs and Branches
  • Obituaries
  • Membership List
  • Geographic Distribution of Members

IV. Association Business

  • Index to Back Issues
  • List of Libraries
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Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 694-698
694. Rose Marie (Emert) Rogers
695. Ruth Ann (Ogle) Darnell
696. Thomas Reese Ogle
697. Rebecca (Easley) Maples
698. Kenneth Max Ogle

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