Table of Contents
Presidents Message
I. General Information
II. Articles

  • Ogles Serving from Illinois in the American Civil War
  • U.S. Civil War: Index of Ogle Ogles Men from the Soldiers & Sailors Index (Union and Confederate)
  • I am my Father’s Daughter: A View of the 2008 Northumberland Reunion
  • The Gathering of the Clan: The Ogle/Ogles Family Reunion Northumberland July 20-26, 2008
  • Henry Ogle: Territorial Pioneer of Kansas1

III. Membership

  • Notes Concerning Ogles
  • Index to Members’ Charts
  • Ancestral Charts
  • Twigs and Branches
  • Membership List
  • Geographic Distribution of Members

IV. Association Business

  • Financial Statement
  • O/OFA Tax Exempt Status
  • Index to Back Issues
  • List of Libraries
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Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 682-687
682. Brenda Yvonne (Hall) McDonald
683. Laura Marie (Snyder) Rocheck
684. Katherine Denise (Goss) Duke Pullins
685. Cindy Lynne (Snyder) Howell
686. Nancy Ellen (Ogle) Wurtzel
687. Richard Alan Ogle

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