Table of Contents
Presidents Message

  • 7th National Convention
  • Loan of Ogle Antique Plate

II. Feature Articles

  • The Border Reivers
  • Las Vegas or bust
  • Old time Southern cooking

II. Related By Relatives

  • Growing up Ogle in the Smokies
  • Night of the lion

III. New Twigs and Blossoms

  • New Blossoms

IV. Family Tracks: Member’s Charts and Data

  • Ogles in early Colonial America, – John the Immigrant
  • Ancestry of John3 Ogle
  • Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Ogle (1721-1802/03)
  • Elizabeth, wife of John Ogle (1690/97-1741)
  • Ancestral Charts – Index of members’ in this issueAncestral Charts – Charts in this Issue
  • Membership List
  • Geographical distribution of members

V. Obituaries

  • We Will Miss Them

VI. When Dragons Flew

  • Comments and notes
  • Old Germanic tribal names
  • An extract from Germania by Tacitus

VII. Year In Review: Association matters

  • Fund drive for the ancestral dinner ware
  • O/OFA annual financial statement for 2002

VIII. O/OFA General Information

  • Board of Directors and Officers
  • Committee Staff
  • Back & current issues of TOG available, the list
  • Editorial policy
  • Give The Ogle Genealogist as a gift or memorial
  • How to be a donor
  • How to write for this publication
  • Obituary and genealogy information submission
  • Membership dues
  • Ogle family related books and material
  • Complimentary copies of TOG to Libraries
  • We need your input


  • Eleanor and Beulah Creswell – 1917
  • Annie Creswell on her 94th, an Ogle descendant
  • E. E. Creswell and Polly Ogle
  • Levi Evans Ogle
  • Edward Creswell and Polly Ogle Wedding
  • Ogle home place near Gatlinburg
  • Southern Cooking by Delores Ogle Nickerson
  • Shirley Willard – Librarian
  • Laurel Boures Membership Coordinator
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Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 584-593
584. Gerald W. “Jerry” Cassida m. Janet Ann Cassida
585. Laura Eaton Blalock m. James Boyd Ayers
586. Howard Gordon Kirkpatrick m. Maude Lenore Haak
587. Hazel Juanita Ogle m.2 Fred H. Edinger
588. Dorothy Ann Spence m. Fred Arthur Lewelling
589. Terry Glenn Peden m.2 Donna Lynn Sayre
590. Helen Gay Ogle m. Ashley, Roy David
591. Patricia J. Ball m. Homer Clayton Pressler
592. Margie Fay Martin m. John Herbert Quenoy
593. Irma Pauline Martin m.2 ____ McCune

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