Table of Contents
Presidents Message

I. Feature Articles

  • O/OFA Web Site.1

II. Related By Relatives

  • All of it
  • A short history of the Ogle Family
  • Mordecai Ogle and descendants
  • Making tracks in Arkansas

III. New Twigs and Blossoms

  • John & Gwenlyn Decker’s 50th anniversary
  • Floyd and Stella Miller anniversary
  • New Blossom – Lauren Elizabeth Boyd

IV. Family Tracks: Member’s Charts and Data

  • Ogles in early Colonial America
  • John the Immigrant
  • Ancestry of John3 Ogle
  • Wife of Thomas Ogle
  • The identities of the wives of Thomas Ogle (1705-1771)
  • Ancestral charts: Index of members in this issue
  • Ancestral charts #572-583
  • Membership list for 2001
  • Geographical distribution of members in 2001

V. Obituaries

  • We will miss them

VI. When Dragons Flew

  • Poem “The Lady Rowena” – Daughter of Hengist

VII. Year In Review: Association matters

  • Fund drive for the ancestral dinner ware
  • O/OFA annual financial statement for 2001

VIII. O/OFA General Information

  • Board of Directors and Officers
  • Committee Staff
  • Back & current issues of TOG available, the list
  • Ogle family related books and material
  • Editorial policy
  • Give The Ogle Genealogist as a gift or memorial
  • How to be a donor
  • How to write for this publication
  • Genealogy and obituary information submission
  • Membership dues
  • Complimentary copies of TOG to libraries
  • We need your input
  • Association bylaws as revised in 2000

Illustrations: Between pages 32 and 33

  • O/OFA main web page
  • The Ogle family ancestral plate
  • Jim and Radia-Ogle Wilkerson
  • Lauren Elizabeth Boyd
  • Stella and Floyd Miller anniversary
  • John and Gwenlyn Decker anniversary
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Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 572-583
572. Barbara Joyce Cole m. James Calvin Marsh, Jr.
573. Cynthia Lucille “Cyndi” Perez m.2 Troy Prior
574. Carolyn Joan Ogle m.2 Richard Gene Miller
575. Evelyn Lucille Burris m. Eugene Patrick Murray
576. Karen Alison Clifford m. Mark Leo Gideon
577. Herbert Leslie “Herb” Bell m. Dorothy Helen Greene
578. Judy Diane Ogle m. Donald Henry Hundley
579. Lynn Phifer m. Lance Ernest Keller
580. Susan Marie Storey m.3 Kenneth Ray Long
581. Dorcas Lorraine “Dee” Sawyer m. Wallace Leland Dove, Jr.
582. Muriel Catherine Boehl m. Thomas McAnarney Slater
583. Michael Alan Petrone m. Deborah Ann Tabaj

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