Table of Contents
President’s Message

I. Feature articles

  • O/OFA 6th National Convention
  • O/OFA 6th Financial Report

II. Related By Relatives

  • A Northumbrian Village Past and Present
  • An Ogle tale of whiskey, insults and knives
  • Ancestors romp through mystery series
  • Ben’s bones
  • Gravesites found – but is it Ben
  • Cherokee blood in Ogle and Huskey families (with records from the “Applications from the Bureau of Indian Affairs”)
  • Family news Rebecca Ogle – street fighter
  • Short look at the life of Edward Garrison Ogle
  • Smoky Mountain pioneer families
  • Story of a rose
  • Taps
  • Vivian’s Ogle Castle visit

III. New Twigs and Blossoms: Marriage

IV. Family Tracks: Member’s Charts and Data

  • Notes on early Colonial Ogles, John the Immigrant
  • Index of members in this issue
  • Charts of members in this issue
  • Membership list for 2000
  • Geographical distribution of members in 2000
  • Documentation on Early Ogle families of Sevier County, Tennessee ~ by Donald B. Reagan (includes land records for Isaac Ogle and probate records for other children of William “Billy” Ogle)

V. Obituaries: We will miss them

VI. When Dragons Flew: The Finnesburh Fragment

VII. Year In Review: Association matters

  • Association bylaws revised
  • New Membership Coordinator position established
  • Revised association bylaws
  • Kathy Ogle becomes Membership Coordinator
  • Myrna Menke appointed 2003 Convention Director
  • O/OFA annual financial statement for 2000

VIII. O/OFA General Information

  • Board of Directors and Officers
  • Committee staff
  • Back & current issues of TOG available, the list
  • Editorial Policy
  • Give The Ogle Genealogist as a gift or memoria
  • How to be a donor
  • How to write for this publication
  • Genealogy and obituary information submission
  • Membership dues
  • Ogle family related books and material
  • Complimentary copies of TOG to libraries
  • We need your input


  • Letter to the Ogle Millennium group, Ogle, England
  • The Millennium Group with Ogle Castle in background
  • Ogle Castle in 1910
  • Ogle Castle in 1948 and Kirkley Church
  • New Staff Members
  • Myrna and husband Bob’s 50″ Anniversary
  • Military burial in Arlington
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Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 552-571
552. John Freiler Wayne
553. Edward Leo Ogle m. Karen Louise Habart
554. Kimberly Ann Ogle m. Ralph Edward Brown
555. Margaret Jane Ogle m. William Pete Lilly
556. Linda Diane Huskey m. Robert Ollie Denny
557. Brenda Kay Huskey m. Joshua Thomas Davis
558. Ruth Helen Ogle m. Dennis Gorden Sawyer
559. Barbara Lou Ogle m. David Lee Burgess
560 Jennifer Gale Lankford m. Charles Ray Roberts, Jr.
561. Wanda Irene Knight m. J.R. Baldwin
562 Beatrice Lillie Starks m. Edward Burgess
563. Gladis Lynette Thomas m. Richard Donald Diffee
564. Vivian Lois Ogle m. Harry Calvin Reinhart
565. Wanda Jeanne McGavok m. Clyde Ralph Muncie
566. David William Ogle m. Peggy Ruth Miller
567. Mary Patricia Fluhart m. Richard Martin Thomas
568. Diane Annette Douthitt m. Harold Leonard Sharpe
569. Edward L. Looker, Jr m. Nancy M. Kallas
570. Margaret Ogle Jones m. Coe, Charles Henry
571. James Andrews Ogle m. Holcomb, Wilma Charlene

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