This volume of the Ogle Genealogist includes the 1974  work of noted Tennessee family researcher, David Reagan. He covers Thomas Ogle (1721-1803) and his sons; Hercules; and William “Billy Ogle. (For those interested in Reagan’s work, we recommend purchasing volume 3  as well, since it contains corrections and updates to the 1974 edition). Other highlights include an index of Ogles with U.S. Civil War files at the National Archives; the will of Mordecai Ogle; and an article on Norris Whitney Matthews, son of Hazel Ogle, chief of Spacecraft Technology at Goddard Space Center.

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Table of Contents

Association Business
Editorial policy
How to write for this publication
Membership list
Financial report
The early Ogles of England
Origin of the Ogle name
Norris Whitney Matthews: An Ogle descendant in NASA
Lewis Ogle of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Mordecai Ogle’s will located
Thomas Ogle (1721-1803) and his sons
Who are the parents of Thomas, William and Hercules Ogle?
Additions and Corrections
Presidents Message
OOFA members’ Ogle ancestry charts
Index to ancestry charts offers a limited search of this volume.

Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 1, 120 - 174
1. John Harmer Donalson (correction) m. Beatrice J. Naylor
120. Betty Jeanne McDonald m. Maurice Joseph Morneau
121. R. Stephen Dawson
122. Eva Lucille Ogle m. Kenneth Meinke
124. Shirley Rae Perkins m. Paul Maynard Garrett
125. Maxine Ogle (d. 23 Mar 1999) m. Verle James McDowell (d. 09 Aug 1991)1 126. Deborah Elizabeth Bliss m. Alphonsus Gately
127. Marjorie Marie Washburn m. James Allen Ogle
128. Ray Edward Ogle m. Kathleen Farelly
129. Charles Ernest Ogle m. Rosa Lee Dimmitt
130. Julia Claire Mathews m. Leo Hathaway Robison
131. Klarbel Knappenberger m. Keith Ellery Meade
132. Lillian Opal Teague m. Cecil Edwin Waters
133. Paul Arthur Ogle, Sr. (d. 14 Aug 1999) m. Mary Lee Bailey2 134. Janet Kay Gieker m. Charles Otis Morgan
135. Myrna Margaret Schwarm (d. Mar 1991).3 136. Mrs. Jean Reid
137. Grace Davison m. Ben R. Franklin, Jr.
138. Clifford Herbert Ogle (d. 01 Mar 1998)4  m. Gladys Hazel Burns
139. Ruth L. Ogle (d. 22 Apr 1997)5 m. Howard Smith, Jr.
140. Ralph Eugene Casida m. Juanita Fay Taylor
141. John Warren Worl (d. 15 May 1998) m. Nila Wake6 142. Mellie Irene “Irene” Scott (d. 27 Dec 2003) m.2 William G. “Bill” Taylor7 143. Glen L. Ogle m. Miriam Beall
144. Norma Jean Melba Stanley m. Clinton Thomas Blasdel
145. Murle Millsap m. Buford Reed
146. Joan Kay Hills m. Jeffrey Albert Ogle
147. Susan L. Campbell m. Ralph W. Strom
148. Edna Mae “Moe” Schuyler (b. 03 Apr 1926 – d. 10 Oct 2014) m. John Edward Lyons
149. Ginger Ann Sutherland m. William Davis Williams
150. Dorothy Scott Davis m. Douglas Fielder
151. Kevin Karl Mittge
152. Rachel Ellen Thomas m. Raymond Watson
153. Carol Ogles m. Thomas Hattox
154 Alice Lorene Ogles m. William Robert Jones
155. Marian Hazel Ogle m. Thomas Dizney Brumett
156. Ruth Arlene (Yackey) Loper
157. Clark C. Ogle (d. 23 May 1989) m. Edell Mae Matthews8 158. Bobby Don Graham m. Yvonne Larae Bell
159. Laurette S. Davis m. Charles L Bazylinski
160. Kenneth Delaney Zumwalt m. Paulette Albin
161. Minnie Elizabeth Bonar m. James P. Trokey
162. Richard Edward Ogle m. Barbara Jo Hayes
163. Joseph Ogle Hinchcliffe
164. Howard Ogle m. Mary Elizabeth Crumbach
165. Glena Elizabeth Ogle m. Alex A. Schneider
166. Helen Lucretia Ogle m. Charles Shaffer
167. Dale Wesley Ogle, Sr m. Anna May Tarvin
168. Doris Ogle m. Howard Dye
169. Blanche Elizabeth Ogle
170. Robert Baxter Kinder m. Nancy May Collins
171. Bessie Dunkle m. Joe Edward Baxter (d. 22 Feb 2014 TX)
172. Viola Marie (Ogle) Miller
173. Georgia Myers Ogle m. H. Ray Ogle (d. 27 Apr 2004).9 174. Sandra K. Lyon m. Richard James Ogle


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