Table of Contents
  • Officers
  • Editorial policy
  • Back issues available
  • President’s message
  • Sixth O/OFA National Convention in Gatlinburg in 2000
  • Who claims this William Ogle?
  • Ogle complicity in the assassination of King Edward II
  • Thomas Ogle gravesite Restored
  • Transportation by Ogle – A trilogy
  • Ogle birth certificates for 1907-1949 in Washington state
  • News of the family
  • You say the nicest things
  • Corrections to previous issues
  • Prenez en Gré
  • Dear Ancestor … (A Poem)
  • The New World Book of Ogles (Caveat Emptor)
  • We shall miss them – Obituaries
  • Taking the Census (A Poem)
  • Notes concerning Ogles in early Colonial America
  • Ancestral charts in this issue
  • O/OFA 1998 membership list
  • Geographic distribution of members
  • Treasurer’s report, 1998
  • You can donate The Ogle Genealogist to libraries
  • Libraries receiving complimentary copies
  • The Ogle Library
  • Ogle and Bothal
  • How To write for this publication
  • We need your input
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Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 367, 491, 499-520
367. Charles Harry Sechrest (revised) m. Carol Ann Smith (d. 16 Mar 1981)
491. (revised) William LeRoy Ogle, Sr. (d. 10 Mar 2004)1
  • m.1 Norma Jean Ripley
  • m2. Barbara Jean Specker

499. Amanda Draa Thompson
500. James Harlan Ogle m. Helen Gale Thurman
501. Lila Jo Anna “Joan” (Williams) Kaiser
502. Jane Alva (Burris) Cofsky
503. Gene Clare Colburn Myers m. Kathleen Maura O’Sullivan
504. Michael Duncan Wiltsie m. Linda Jo Yanick
505. George Stephen Ogle
506. Barbara Sue (Berry) Meger
507. James Franklin Carver m. Patricia A. Johnston
508. Tracy Lynn (Jackson) Inboden m. Daniel Joe Schenkel
509. Glenn Alexander Dow m. Marybeth Trewhill
510. Barbara Joan (Wolfe) Sheets
511. Joseph Harold McAnly m. Joliene Reigh Langholf
512. Alfred (Olson) Siegel m. Wendy Corinne (Scher) Leiman
513. William LeRoy Ogle, Jr.
514. Genevieve Shaw m. Joseph Ekar
515. Samuel Reyburn Hilbert m. Anita Louise Smith
516. James Michael Gilbert
517. Karen Rae Offutt m. Norman Lee Monarch
518. Laura Gail Cleveland m. Jack Ray Edwards, Jr.
519. Mary Frances Starnes m. Edward Lesley
520. Linda M. (Barron) Wetzel

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