Ogle Genealogist 12 | ©1991


  • Records from Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, Del.
  • Ogle convention in Delaware
  • Haisnead Hall – Another Ogle home in England
  • 65 years of marriage and they’re still having fun
  • Meet the family: Louis Ken Meyer, William McHenry
  • Ogle/Ogles death certificates 1905-1939 in Calif.
  • Ogles in Colonial America
  • Belair Mansion
  • Ogle governors of Maryland
  • Should Ogilville, Ind., be Ogieville?

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Ancestral Charts 322, 348 - 367
322. Louis Kenneth Meyer m. Leta Virginia Abby
348. Rebecca Lynn Ogle m. Lyle M. Collins
349. Julia Lorene McGinnis m. Luvern Jay Hansen
350. Patsy Ann McGinnis m. Russell Joseph Carlson
351. Leonard Alvin Ogle, Jr. m. Alma Jean Glass
352. Kenneth Doyle Ogle m. Evelyn Louise Helton
353. James Newton “J.N.” Ogle m. Mary Evore McCall
354. John Morrison Ogle m. Sharri Marie Darby
355. Charles William Simpkinson m. Karen Elaine Buck
356. June Esther Thomas m. Floyd Perrine
357. Howard Irvin Bowers m. Agnes Theresa Dwyer
358. James Windle Elder m. Opal Frye
359. James Edward Pinkerton (b. 06 Mar 1927 OH – d. 14 Jul 2004 OH

  • m. Joyce Rosetta Hopkins

360. Jean Ogle Moser m. Millard Corbett Godwin
361. Brenda Sue Meyer m. Richard Lee Hargrave
362. Brian Kenneth Hargrave
363. Anna Lucille Hershey m. Leland Maurice Meyer
364. Lowell Keith Meyer, Jr.
365. Robert Francis Ogles m. Hazel Irene Blackburn
366. Evelyn Mitchell Ogles m. Robert Leon Parenti
367. Charles Harry Sechrest m. Carolyn Ann Smith

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