Table of Contents

Front Plate: Coat of Arms


Table of Contents

President’s Message

Part One: General Information

  • Board of Directors/Officers
  • Committee Staff
  • Membership Dues
  • Website
  • Editorial Policy
  • How to Write for this Publication
  • Where to Submit Material
  • Issues Available to Order

Part Two: Articles

  • Remembering Jim Ogle
  • The Adventures of the Cemetery Detective and Big Brother Jim
  • Thank You, Kathy Daugherty Ogles
  • Alumni Association Recognizes Hofman and Ogle – Derek H. Ogle
  • St. Louis Man Uncovers Long-Forgotten Grave of Officer Killed in the Line of Duty – Deputy
  • Constable Samuel Herrington
  • Drennan (William) Graveyard
  • Herrington Family Burial Ground

Part Three: Membership

  • Notes Concerning Ogles in Early Colonial America
  • Index of Member’s Charts in This Issue
  • Ancestral Charts 2018
  • Obituaries
  • Membership List

Part Four: Association Business

  • O/OFA Cash Flow Report
  • Index to Back Issues
  • List of Libraries Receiving Copies of TOG

Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts

743. Tracy Tayman Das

744. Patricia Loy Weaver Door

745. Michael Richard Murphy

746. Corkey Dennis Ogle

747. Karen Ogle

748. John Wilburn Smith

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