Table of Contents

President’s Message

I. General Information

II. Articles

  • Remembering Richard Wayne Ogle
  • John Ogle’s age from documents in the New York State Archives
  • The first three Ogle generations in America
  • Theories of the origins of John Ogle
  • Pair of Maples made their mark on Sevier County: David Crockett Maples Sr. & David Crockett Maples Jr.

III. Membership

  • Notes Concerning Ogles
  • Index to Members’ Charts
  • Ancestral Charts
  • Twigs and Branches
  • Obituaries
  • Membership List

IV. Association Business

  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Tax Exempt Status
  • Index to Back Issues
  • List of Libraries

Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 688 - 690

688. Joyce Elizabeth (Eickmeyer) Owens

689. James Russell Stuhlmacher

690. Sheree Anna (Ogles) Sauer