Table of Contents
Presidents Message

  • Introduction by New President James. F. Engler Sr.

I. Feature Articles

  • 7th National O/OFA Convention in Las Vegas
  • 8th National O/OFA Convention coming to Ft. Wayne

II. Related By Relatives

  • Will of Thomas Ogle (1705 – 23 Dec 1771).1
  • Ogle documents presented by Jamie Shafer

III. New Twigs and Blossoms

  • A negative report

IV. Family Tracks: Member’s Charts and Data

  • Notes concerning Ogles in early colonial America (includes “The parentage of David Ogle (1809 – 1885) of Tennessee
  • Ancestral charts, Index of members
  • Ancestral charts, Charts in this issue
  • Membership List

V. Obituaries

  • We Will Miss Them

VI. When Dragons Flew

VII. Year In Review: Association matters

  • Family Historian and Genealogist, Wayne Ogle resigns
  • TOG Editor Ed Ogle resigns
  • J. W. Elder Donates to O/OFA
  • Annual Financial Statement for 2003

VIII. O/OFA General Information

  • Board of Directors and Officers
  • Committee Staff
  • Editorial Policy
  • Give The Ogle Genealogist As a Gift Or Memorial
  • How to be a Donor
  • How to write for this publication
  • List of Back & Current issues of TOG available
  • List of Libraries & Organizations Receiving TOG copies
  • Membership dues
  • Ogle Family: Related Books and Material
  • We need your input
  • Obituary and Genealogy Information submission


  • Officers and Staff of the O/OFA
  • Home of Thomas Ogle of Ogletown, Delaware, 1955
  • Ogle Arms Displayed in Stone at Ogle castle

Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 594-646
594. Lynette Vicki Ogle m. Thomas Joseph Kravcar
595. Gwendolyn Kay Rogers m. Robert Thurman Blough
596. Tatjana Marie Thompson m. Paul Edward Robards
597. Ogles James Louis m. Gutierrez, Elva Elisa
598. Ogles Scott Jude m. Black, DeeAnn Renee “Dee”
599. Ogles Shawn Paul m. Waite, Madeline Morgan
600. Ida Lou Ogles m. John Murray Collins
601. Mary Helen Parker m. Harrison Jennings Shearin
602. Dorothy Jean Ortner m. Edward Phaneral McNutt
603. Seckbach William Simeon “Sim” Ogle Thompson, Louise Janet
604. Johnnie Mae Ogle m. Clay M. Rose, Jr.
605. Ogle Wiley Richard Beers, Ruth
606. Franklin Bobbie Jean Spence Franklin, Eugene
607. Reagan Ricky Odell “Rick” Lide, Nancy Louise
608. Margaret Jeanette “Jan” Spoon m. Derald Cooper Fendley
609. Nellie Faye Ogle m. Frank Oscar Wheless
610. Virgie Almira Ogle m. Everett Le Roy Smith
611. Ogle Robert Lee Gunnels, Sheila Diane
612. Troutman Joann Atchley Troutman, Donald Eugene
613. Jody Lavon Troutman m. William Dean Cusick
614. Betty Catherine Hine m. Gary Edward Kueny
615. Pearl Rachel Smith m. Samuel Roland Louder
616. Judith Kay Shockley m. William Bernard Colburn
617. Frances Marie Treiber m. Caesar Benito Pattarini
618. Woods David Lauren Scapula, Michele Marie
619. Judith Ann Woods
620. Jane Ogle m. Kenneth Robert Evans
621. Elizabeth Ann “Betty” King m. Harry Alfred Thorogood
622. Judith Kay Ogle m. Ronald Lee Mayberry
623. Diann Edith Ogle m. Carroll William Smith
624. Ogle Richard Earl m. Wilborn, Sarah
625. Joyce Ann Madden m. Arthur Ferdinand “Art” Steinkamp
626. Ogle Michael David m. Stout, Stephanie Ann
627. Wintress Lurene Brindle m. Charlie Meier
628. James Earl Ogle IV m. Deborah Corke
629. Ogle John Metz m. Toth, Barbara
630. Ogle Thomas Alexander m. Locklin, Carol
631. Roberta Carhart m. Harold Sherrod Pittman
632. Cripe Roger Duane “Gus” m. Long, Joan Patterson
633. Shultz Eugene Howard m. Jerrell, Katherine
634. Juelle Marie Heaton
635. Woodson Lawrence Clark m. Layman, Vera Louise
636. Deborah Irene Decker m. Charles Francis Stringer
637. Lakin Howard Glen m. Johnson, Lilly Pearl
638. Hatch Kenneth Alan m. Barrell, Kelly Rene
639. Shirley Ann Brown m. Kenneth Frank Kerber
640. Muriel Kay Kisling
641. Janet Ruth Johnston m. Robert Freund Rabus
642. Eileen Louise Yingst
643. Mary Jane Eichler m. Charles Kermit Palomaki
644. Jewel Hazel Glaser m. Dewey Blaine Carmody
645. Cindy Hoffman m. Mark Conrad Koegel
646. Kathleen Ann “Katy” Cox-Smith m. Allan Stuart Buckthoght2

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