Topics: Victor Pepin (1780-1745), circus entrepreneur and son-in-law of Ann Ogle Townes. Halsnead Hall in Lancashire, England. Samuel Ogle (d. 1752), Governor of Maryland. The Cavendish family: Inheritors of the title Barons of Ogle. Thomas Ogle III and his wife Sarah, daughter of Major Joseph Ogle (1707-1756) of Frederick Co., Maryland. Byron Winfield Brown of Ohio: Descendant of Rebecca Ogle (b. 1755) and John Devilbiss. A record of various events recorded by the Jennys and Armbrister families and Peter Ogle (d. 1813 Bahamas) in Nassau, Bahamas.




Table of Contents

Victor Pepin, circus entrepreneur

More on Halsnead Hall in Lancashire and more about Samuel Ogle, governor of Maryland

Raymond Ogle involved in hospital pilot program

The Cavendish Family, inheritors of the title Barons of Ogle

Tracking Thomas Ogle III:

  • Distribution of Major Joseph Ogle’s land
  • Thomas Ogle III, son of Thomas Ogle II of Delaware
  • Children of Thomas Ogle III and Sarah  (b. 1739), dau. of Maj. Joseph Ogle (1707-1756)

A letter from Canada from Ruby Graves

Martin Ogle writes from England

Meet the family: Byron Winfield Brown


  • charts 381 and 385 in vol. 13;
  • obits for Harry Dalton, Jr in vol. 13; and Fred J. Cordray in vol. 12.

News of the family

New twigs and blossoms on the family tree (births)

Wedding bells

A record of various events recorded by the Jennys and Armbrister families and Peter Ogle (d. 1813 Bahamas) in Nassau, Bahamas.

Ogle book passes halfway point: Photographs will be used

(116 pages)

Ancestral Charts

Ancestral Charts 402 - 424

402. Joann Carol Reisner (Spouse: Nabe, Clyde Milton)

403. Vernis Melford David404. Timothy Wayne Alexander Ogle (Spouse: Difazio, Marissa Joy)

405. Larry Keith Ogle (Spouse: Albarran, Blanca Estela)406. Ira “Sonny” Ivan Massie (Spouse: McDonnell, Rachel)

407. Clay Bement Ogle (d. 27 May 1988)1 m. Vance, Nedra

408. Kenneth Eugene Ogle (Spouse: Miller, Juanita)

409. Verna Mae Ogle (d. 07 Dec 1999)2

  • m.1 Walter Honea
  • m.2 Marvin Harris (d. 01 Dec 1984)

410. Reva Flora Ogle (d. 22 Sep 2001) m. Jimmie Hampton Brown (d. 20 Sep 1963)3

411. Dorothy Helen Ogle (Spouse: Mathis, James Dewey)

412. Sharon Lee Farmer (Spouse: Osborne, Phillip Spencer)

413. Alice Jeanne McGrew (Spouse: Siems, Donald George)

414. Laurel Joy McGrew (Spouse: Davis, Michael Eugene)

415. Anna Darlene Klepper (Spouse: Bryson, Samuel Cloyd)

416. Phyllis Ethel Martin (Spouse: Nutt, Clayton Ray)

417. Lucille Florence Amos (Spouse: Morrison, George)

418. Philo Wilfred Lund (Spouse: Elfving, Madeline Sue)

419. James Lee Ogle (Spouse: Sprinkle, Susan Lynn)

420. Delane Cobb (Spouse: Ferguson, James Edward)

421. Chester Albert Ogle (Spouse: Sasser, Susan W.)

422. Esther Louise (Hogg) Walter

423. Lawrence Lester Kirkpatrick (Spouse: Kell, Emma Jean)

424. Beverley Marlene Wood (Spouse: Fieg, Robert Joseph)

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  • Carol Sue Browning
  • Vere Loy Farmer
  • Linda Sue Halliday
  • Kathryn J. Ogle Lane
  • Pauline Ogle McCullough
  • Earle D. Ogle
  • Garnett Melson Ogle
  • Harry Webb Ogle
  • Herschel W. “Huck” Ogle
  • Mary Elizabeth Thomas Ogle
  • Maye Elizabeth Nicewander Ogle
  • Ronald Ray Ogle, Sr.
  • Roy L. Ogle
  • Samantha L. Ogle
  • Kenneth Delaney Zumwalt.4

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