First published in 1902 by Sir Henry A. Ogle, BT, “Ogle and Bothal,” traces the history of the Ogle family from its first recorded ancestor in Northumberland (b. c. 1055), down through the barony and its various junior branches in England and Ireland, as well as Scotland. Meticulously researched and well-sourced, this reprint includes 21 pedigree charts and is the definitive book on the origins of the Ogles.

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Table of Contents

Ogle And Bothal: A History of the Baronies of Ogle, Bothal, and Hepple, and of the Families of Ogle and Bertram
Sir Henry Asgill Ogle, BT
Table of Contents
The arms proper or those used by the different branches of the family
The arms and quarterings of the Lord Ogle, and the Earl of Newcastle
The arms and quarterings of Newton Charles Ogle of Kirkley, &c.
Various arms and seals shown in Plate III
Various arms and seals shown in Plate IV
Origin of the place name, and surname of Ogle
General sketch of the family
The Ogles of Ogle and Bothal, showing also how the barony descended into other families
Pedigree I.
The Ogles of Causey Park, Bebside, and Tritlington
Pedigree II.
The Ogles of Earsdon in the parish of Hebburn
Pedigree III.
The Ogles of Kirkley, Kirkley Hall, and Ogle
Pedigree IIIb.
The Ogles of Worthy
Pedigree IIIc.
The Ogles of Kirkley and Southampton
Pedigree IIId.
The Ogles of Hirst and Stoke Charity
Pedigree IV.
The Ogles of Lancashire
Pedigree V.
The Ogles of Choppington, Ogle Castle, Burradon, South Dissington, Saltwick and Bradford
Pedigree VI.
The Ogles of Eglingham
Pedigree VIb.
The Ogles of Berwick, Bowsden, Ireland, and America
Pedigree VIc.
The Ogles of Rothbury
Pedigree VId.
The Ogles of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire
Pedigree VII.
The Ogles of Hull, Royston, Stockton, Great Stainton, and Durham
Pedigree VIII.
The Ogles of Staffordshire, Shropshire, Oxford, &c.
Pedigree IX.
The Ogles of Yorkshire
Pedigree X
The Ogles of Kent
Pedigree XI.
The Ogles of Holy Island
The Line of the Rev. Swan Harrison Ogle
The Ogills or Ogles of Scotland
The Ogles of Ireland
Pedigree XII.
Notes of names connected with monastic institutions
The Bertrams
Pedigree XIII.
Royal Descents
Pedigree XIV.
Castles, Towers, Lands, &c.


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