Compilation of the the first five generations descending from John Ogle of Delaware (c. 1647 – 84), who is the ancestor of  95% of the Ogles living in America. Covers history and origins of the Ogles in England and America.


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Ogle, W.R. & Engler, J.F. (2012). Looking Back at the Ogles: A Comprehensive History and Genealogy of the Ogle and Ogles Family in North America, 1. Myrna W. Menke, Oren O. Ogle and George W. Ogles, Eds. Seattle, WA: The Genealogy Printing Co. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-9635975-9-5
561 pages

Table of Contents
  • Slices of Northumbrian history
  • Origin of the name Ogle
  • The early Ogles of England
  • The Ogle coat of arms and the art of heraldry
  • The Border Reivers
  • Renovation of historic Ogle Chapel in St. Maurice Church, Northumberland
  • The Nicolls expedition of 1664
  • The Ogles of Kirkley, A Northumbrian Puritan Family
  • Ogles in North America
  • Moving with America: Ogle migrations through 17th and 18th centuries
  • A short history of the course of Ogle genealogical work
  • A brief history of the Ogle/Ogles Family Association
  • Coming home: Narrative accounts from the first two Ogle family reunions to Northumberland (2005 and 2008)
  • Publishing the many branches of the Ogle family;
  • Theories of the origins of John Ogle of Delaware, immigrant;
  • The descendants of John Ogle (c. 1648-1684), immigrant to Delaware in 1664, through the first five generations


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