Ogles in the Registers of Berwick-upon-Tweed: Baptisms 1574 – 1700

Margaret (bp. 28 Nov 1575); father: Martin Ogle.1

Mary (Marie) Ogle (bp. 30 Dec 1588); father: Martin Ogle.2

William Ogle (bp. 11 Sep 1590); father: Martin (Martyn) Ogle.3

Nicholas Ogle (bp. 19 Mar 1592); father: Martin (Martine) Ogle.45

Nicholas Ogle (bp. 01 Dec 1595); father: John Ogle.67

Lewes Ogle (bp. 03 Apr 1595); father: Lewis Ogle.8

Edward Ogle (bp. 1614); father: Edward Ogle.9

Anna (Ann) Ogle (bp. 16 Dec 1617); father: Cuthbert (Couthbert) Ogle.10

Gregory (Gregorie) Ogle (bp. Aug 1619); father: Edward Ogle.11

John Ogle (bp. 18 Jul 1622); father: Nicholas Ogle.12

Nicholas Ogle (bp. 07 Apr 1624); father: Henry Ogle.1314

Eleanor Ogell (bp. 29 Jan 1648); father: George Ogell.15

Isabell Ogell (bp. 29 Jan 1648); father: George Ogell.16

John Ogell (bp. 30 Sep 1649); father: Capt. John Ogell.1718

Joseph Ogell (bp. 09 Dec 1655); father: Luke Ogell, minister of Berwick.19

Samuell Ogell (bp. 25 Apr 1659); father: Luke Ogell, minister of Berwick.20

Theophilis (Theophilus) Ogle (bp. Oct 1660); father: Mr. Luke Ogle, minister.21

Charles (Carolus) Ogle (bp. 24 Sep 1663); father: Thomas Ogle.22

M. Ogell (bp. 15? Oct 1676), daughter of Henry and Hanna Ogell.23

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