Ogle Pond Restoration Project at Kirkley Hall Campus – Northumberland College

Kirkley Hall (Wikimedia)
Kirkley Hall (Wikimedia Commons)

Kirkley Hall was home to the Ogle family from 1632-1923. It’s a beautiful 17th Century Grade II listed building located in the countryside of Northumberland, England. Just outside of Ponteland, its only a few miles from Ogle Castle, and the village of Ogle.

Today, the Hall is part of the Kirkley Hall Campus at Northumberland College, which has provided agricultural and land-based training for over 50 years.



The Ogle family built a house on the site of the current hall in 1632. A stone lintel preserved over a doorway in the present house bears this date, and the initials and arms of Cuthbert Ogle and his wife Dorothy Fenwick.

The original Ogle dovecote still exists, along with the Ogle coat of arms which appears on the front of south lodge and on the entrance to the courtyard. The east and west wings of the courtyard are original Ogle buildings as well as part of the new Orangery Tea Room. The obelisk at the estate’s entrance, built by the Ogles in 1788, is a significant landmark on the site.

Notable members of the Ogle family connected with Kirkley include Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle and Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Baronet.

Renovation of Ogle Pond

There is a pond area on site that is in need of renovation. Currently, it’s inaccessible due to an overgrowth of trees, shrubs and weeds, as well as an old dock that is falling apart. The pond was part of the Ogle’s estate and if renovated, it would become a focal point for visitors with an interest in Ogle history.


We are starting a campaign to raise funds to have the pond renovated. This will include trimming trees, removing weeds, providing eco-friendly plants and shrubs, restoring railings, boardwalk construction, and installing signage about the Ogle family and their contribution to the estate.


The pond will be officially named
“Ogle Pond”
at a ceremony in 2017.

The College can provide funding for some of the cost to renovate but additional financial support is needed. With Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens attracting thousands of visitors a year, Ogle Pond will provide a focal point that highlights the relationship of the Ogle family to the history of the estate. We are working closely with Malcolm Watson- Friend of OOFA, 2005 Ogle Family Northumberland Trip Guide, and Advisory Committee and Chairman of Grounds at Kirkley Hall, on this project.

Please support the Ogle Pond Project and make a donation today. We are accepting contributions until Jan. 1, 2017.